The DBx is equipment for farmers who have high demands for performance and the quality of work. It is distinguished by a robust frame with construction simplicity and with double working sections in an “x” arrangement. The chosen concept is remarkable for its operational simplicity when folding into the transport position and also for the setting of working functions, especially the angle of running in of the sections and regulation of working depth.

The following is important from a user aspect:

  • great levelling effect of equipment, which for the DBxS and DBxT version can be increased by the hydraulic locking of the sections into a single working level.
  • the great weight of the machine per disc, which can be increased further by filling the basic beams with water, ensures the effectiveness of the equipment even under conditions where a sweeper turner will not cope.

The adequate size of all exposed parts and high-quality workshop engineering are a guarantee of operational reliability under even the toughest of conditions.

Products - Disc harrows

Accessories - Disc harrows

Toothed rollers

have an extraordinarily high crumbling effect and leave a surface layer of top-soil with maximumaeration.

Flexible shear

Is used in a manner similar to the sprinkler, but has a more powerful effect.

Segment rollers

furrow press has great breaking effect, but also signifi-cantly increases the energy demandson the tractor.

The spiral roller

has a greater levellingeffect. It is equipped with a cleaner barand is only slightly susceptible to clog-ging during work in the wet.

The pipe roller

is the most basic and universal equipment of disc harrows.

Roller OTICO

A roller with an excellent clod-breaking ability, not suitable for rocky soil.
dd lite P

DD lite

A universal roller with an excellent clod-breaking ability, suitable for all conditions

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