So-called short discs differ from conventional disc harrows primarily by virtue of the method of suspending the working units – discs – and the short construction of the entire machine. From the user aspect, the greater crumbling effect and very good copying of the terrain is characteristic. But in contrast with conventional disc harrows, the lower weight of the equipment and softer suspension of the disc makes impossible adequate tillage under harder conditions, and the levelling effect on the surface is lower.

High area performance is given by a working speed of 10 –13 km. Mulching disc harrows are made in two basic variants according to the method of suspending the disc units: DBMx and DBMxT

Products - Mulching disc cover crop

Accessories - Mulching disc cover crop

Toothed rollers

have an extraordinarily high crumbling effect and leave a surfacelayer of top-soil with maximum aeration.

The spiral roller

has a greater levelling effect. It is equipped with a cleaner bar and is only slightly susceptible toclogging during work in the wet.

The pipe rolle

is the most basic and universal equipment of disc harrows.

Wavy cutting edge rollers

have a similar effect like spike rollers.

Kraker roller

A roller with an excellent clod-breaking ability, not suitable for rocky soil
dd lite P

DD lite

A universal roller with an excellent clod-breaking ability, suitable for all conditions

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