Terres en fête - Arras
    06 June 2024
    4 SMS CZ machines will be presented at the French exhibition Terres en fête

    From 7 June to 9 June, the French Terres en fête exhibition takes place, which, with an average attendance of up to 85,000 people, is one of the country's major agricultural events, with an impact particularly on the central and northern parts of France. SMS CZ will be there, with 4 machines on display on the E17 area of partner Fumery Pieces.

    Finisher 300 v Rumunsku ENG
    22 May 2024
    Another local premiere of the new FINISHER cultivator, this time in Romania

    AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec, the largest outdoor agricultural machinery exhibition in Romania, will take place from 23 May to 26 May. At the event, the stand E239 of partner S.C. Zetor Tractor S.R.L. will also be presenting the new FINISHER 3G 300 cultivator. You are all cordially invited to the exhibition.

    Bata Agro 2024
    14 May 2024
    The new CULTIVATOR FINISHER will be presented at Bata Agro in Bulgaria

    From 13 May to 17 May, one of the biggest agricultural exhibitions in Bulgaria Bata Agro will take place. During the five exhibition days, farmers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the autumn novelty of SMS CZ, the FINISHER 3G 400 cultivator. All of you are cordially invited to the stand of partner Agritrade BG.

    10 April 2024
    Machines from SMS CZ will be presented at the German Agra exhibition

    From 11 to 14 April, the Agra exhibition will take place in Leipzig, Germany. Visitors to the event can look forward to a total of 5 SMS CZ machines. At the stand of the Czech producer of agricultural machinery, there will be a disc cultivator, a meadow and cambridge roller, a seeder, or last year's novelty TALON GREEN, a deep subsoiler for meadows. All are welcome to the G63 outdoor area.

    Talon Green in Benelux
    13 February 2024
    BENELUX Premiere of the new TALON GREEN subsoiler for meadows

    The autumn novelty TALON GREEN, a deep SUBSOILER for meadows and pastures, from the Czech agricultural equipment producer SMS CZ, will be presented to Belgian farmers for the first time at the Agridagen exhibition from 16 February to 18 February 2024.

    Farmář s Golemem
    30 January 2024
    "It's reliable," says a farmer working with a GOLEM 540 roller

    The spring season also brings the need to pay attention to the condition of meadows and pastures. This means repairing the damage caused by black beasts over the winter, considering moss clearance, gentle watering and aeration of the soil, as well as possible reseeding. All these tasks can be carried out using the largest meadow roller on the market, the GOLEM from the Czech company SMS CZ. And because there is nothing like the experience of a farmer, we went to interview Mr. Jungvirt from the Czech Republic to find out how his GOLEM 540 helps him in his work and needs.

    SMS CZ Newsletter ENG
    19 December 2023
    SMS CZ Newsletter

    Christmas edition of our SMS CZ Newsletter. We wish you a pleasant reading at the end of the year

    PF 2024
    14 December 2023
    PF 2024

    SMS CZ wishes all employees, business partners, customers and fans of the brand a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2024

    05 October 2023
    SMS CZ celebrates 30 years, launches NEW product and innovations and introduces a new visual direction

    SMS CZ s.r.o., a Czech producer of soil and meadow technology, celebrates 30 years of its existence this year. To mark the occasion, it is introducing the new TALON GREEN deep cultivator for meadows and pastures, the new generation of the FINISHER combined cultivator and has given itself a new visual identity that more accurately corresponds to the values and direction of the brand.

    SMS CZ in Portugal
    14 September 2023
    Portugal: a new opportunity for SMS CZ

    The Rokycany-based producer of agricultural machinery for soil, meadow and pasture processing, SMS CZ, is expanding its area of activity and entering into cooperation with a business partner in Portugal, where they will be used in a new segment of agriculture, which is the cultivation of nuts and dry fruits. SMS CZ machines were also presented to the Portuguese audience at the Agroglobal exhibition in Santarém.

    SMS CZ - Kámen
    14 September 2023
    Autumn show marathon

    Autumn is here and with it a marathon of exhibitions and demonstrations featuring SMS CZ machines. Farmers in Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Lithuania can look forward to it. You are cordially invited to all events.

    FINISHER new
    08 September 2023
    Premiere of the new generation of the FINISHER at the Den Zemědělce

    From 13 September to 14 September, the agricultural exhibition Den Zemědělce will take place at the airfield near the village of Kámen u Pelhřimova. At the traditional event, SMS CZ will present a total of seven machines, with the premiere of the new generation of the FINISHER combined cultivator. Also on display will be the new TALON GREEN, subsoiler for meadows and pastures introduced a few days ago in České Budějovice.

    SMS CZ at Karpfhammer Fest & Rottalschau
    31 August 2023
    SMS CZ machines on display at the German Karpfhammer fest & rottalschau

    SMS CZ will be presenting itself at the Rottalschau exhibition, which is part of the Karpfhammer Fest, from 1 September to 5 September. The traditional Bavarian exhibition will feature the SMART 300 seed drill and TERAN 300 cambridge rollers at stand 3711.

    ZŽ 2022
    18 August 2023

    Traditionally, at the end of August, the agrosalon ZEMĚ ŽIVITELKA will take place and SMS CZ will be there. At the fair, we plan to present the new TALON GREEN subsoiler for meadows and pastures, celebrate 30 years of its existence and introduce a new visual identity.

    04 August 2023
    Up to seven operations in one crossing

    This is the SEVERIT seedbed cultivator from the workshop of SMS CZ, a producer of agricultural equipment in Rokytnice. Thanks to the combination of different types of working bodies, the machine can level the land, break up clods and precisely prepare the seedbed in one pass.

    SMS CZ at Libramont (BEL)
    26 July 2023
    SMS CZ machines on display in Belgium at Libramont 2023

    Belgium and BENELUX are among the traditional markets of the Czech agricultural equipment producer SMS CZ. In its 10 years of presence in the region, the Czech brand has built a stable position and exports dozens of machines per year. That is why it regularly participates in the largest Belgian exhibition Libramont's Fair. And this year will be no different: from 28 July to 31 July, six SMS CZ machines will be presented at the show.

    Superior 500
    21 July 2023
    SUPERIOR disk cultivator: high performance even at high speeds

    Disc cultivators are one of the long-standing favourite machines of the Czech agricultural equipment producer SMS CZ s.r.o. used for cultivation or pre-sowing preparation after ploughing or cultivation. The offer of the Rokycany company consists of two model series, where SUPERIOR is a representative of short and heavy cultivators.

    Hadačka 1
    30 June 2023
    The beginning of the holiday in the sign of exhibitions

    At the turn of June and July, SMS CZ machines will be presented in three countries, after the Czech Republic also in agricultural exhibitions in Luxembourg and Germany.

    SMS CZ at Australia
    29 June 2023
    Successful expansion of SMS CZ into Australia

    After the successful establishment of cooperation between SMS CZ and business partners from Australia last year, the Rokycany company is deepening its cooperation and increasing the volume of machine deliveries to the country by almost double.

    25 May 2023
    SMS CZ machines will be presented at AgriPlanta in Rumunia

    From 25 May until 28 May, the AgriPlanta agricultural exhibition is taking place in the Romanian town of Fundulea. Traditionally, the machines of the Czech producer SMS CZ will also be there. On the E 27 standa, visitors will see the SUPERIOR 800 G and Ontario 300 disc cultivators, TERAN 700 cambridge rollers and the SEVERIT 300 compactor.

  • About company

    SMS CZ is a progressive engineering company with specialization in agriculture machinery and environmental technologies. The agricultural machinery program includes high quality machines for soil cultivation, pre-sowing preparation, rolling, meadow cultivation, grass seeding and reseeding that we sell all over the world. The division of environmental technologies designs and manufactures solution for waste incineration and flue gas stabilization.

CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_019/0004523 - Nová technologie rafinace spalin a eliminace persistetních organických látek využitím odpadního sorbentu 

je spolufinancován Evropskou unií

Oveřená technologie: nová technologie rafinace spalin pro snižování kyselých plynů  a persistentních organických látek. Popoprovoz nové technologie rafinace spalin

CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_019/0004522 - Nová nízkonákladová technologie pro katalytickou redukci oxidů dusíku ve spalinách určená pro malé a střední emisní zdroje

je spolufinancován Evropskou unií

Oveřená technologie nové katalytické metody snižování NOx ve spalinách. Návrh a konstrukce nové technologie DeNOx instalované na poloprovozní spalovací jednotce VŠB-TUO.

Výstavy 2017-2019

je spolufinancován Evropskou unií

Uchopit pozici na zahraničních trzích a snažit se získat a uchopit pozici na trzích, kde naše stroje ještě nejsou tolik známé.

Účast na zahraničních výstavách 2018-2020

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Udržet pozici na zaharaničních trzích, udržet podíl vývozu firmy na cca 70-ti procentech produkce a získavat trhy nové, aby mohlo dojít k vyrovnání případného poklesu kupní síly(vlivem stavu zemědělství a  dotací), v některé zemi kam vyvážíme.

Optimalizace strojně-technologického vybavení pro potřeby výrobních procesů nově vyvíjených a inovovaných produktů společnosti SMS CZ s.r.o.

je spolufinancován Evropskou unií

Inovace výrobních procesů a výroba inovovaných produktů